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© 2020 by Kate Kilbourne

Testimonials for Carolyn Fee's Workshops

“Carolyn Fee’s Art as Meditation class has been an exquisite journey in learning how to truly look, see, feel and fall in love with the subject of a drawing - be it figs, pears, Brussel sprouts or a prickly blossom.

I am a beginner, one who several months ago had no confidence in my ability to draw anything that would be worth looking at... Not only has Carolyn taught me the basic techniques in how to draw, and in doing so, brought me to the threshold of a brand new, unchartered creative self, she has opened the door to new way of seeing and appreciating everything.

Carolyn is a committed and talented teacher. Her instruction style is clear, patient, warm, encouraging, and gently hands-on and many times she has skillfully navigated blocking points to help me when I’ve become discouraged or disconnected from

what I’m drawing. What I take away, every single time, is delight in my new creation, a bit more confidence and trust in the creative process, inspiration to continue and fresh eyes with which to see and love the world.”

Victoria Nagel Hauzy

“Carolyn’s drawing instruction has opened me to the subtleties of perception and a deeper sensitivity to theworld around me.

There is a zone, this right brained awareness, that harbors such depth and beauty. Carolyn understands how to help you access

this part of yourself as a person and an artist. Learning to drawand to see with sensitivity has enhanced my work in other

mediums as well.”

Joyce Feeney

“I have had the good fortune of taking a drawing class taught by Carolyn Fee. She brings an amazingsensitivity and empathy to

her teaching which allows her to bring out the best in each of her students despite the fact that they vary in their technical

abilities. What I have found most remarkable is her ability to hone inon the uniqueness of each student’s style without

dismissing their work even if it may fail to meet the exerciseat hand. I think it is because she has this uncanny ability of

seeing what you can do even when you can’t see it for yourself. Best of all, she doesn’t give up until you finally begin to believe

in yourself. She is a rare talent.

Neysa Furey