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Lodging - Casa Palacio Veedor

All participants stay in the Casa Palacio Veedor in Cadiz.  The all inclusive package rate varies according to whether you prefer a single room or wish to share a double.  Note that we do not pair participants up for double rooms -- finding a partner to share the room with is your own responsibility.  Rates for the 7 night  holiday package including painting instruction, lodging, breakfast, lunch, and all activities are listed on the Painting in Spain page.

The Casa Palacio Veedor is a lovingly restored old XVIII century palais in the old town of Cádiz with a vision to create an exquisite and interesting place to be and to discover all secrets about life in the south of Spain. The palais will awaken your curiosity about the magic and secrets Cadiz has to offer, and fascinate you with the elegance and atmosphere of the oldest lived city in Europe.


Our mission is to make the Casa Palacio Veedor an inspirational place to wind down and enrichen your soul.

We look forward to your stay.

The von Borries Barea Family

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