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Terms & Conditions


These “Terms and Conditions” apply to our Holiday package.

On confirmation of your booking, we will ask for a deposit of 500 Euros per person.

The balance of the cost of your holiday is due 60 days in advance of your workshop.




Should for any reason Plein Air Holidays need to cancel your booking, we will endeavor to book you into another week or refund any money you have already paid to us.


If for any reason you cancel your booking, the following will apply:


    • If your booking is cancelled before the balance of your holiday is due, you forfeit your 500 Euros deposit.


    • If your booking is cancelled after you have paid the balance of your holiday, we will refund:


    • 50% of your full payment if you cancel upto 5 weeks before your booked date


    • 25% of your full payment if you cancel between 5 and 3 weeks before your booked date


    • 10% of your full payment if you cancel during the last 3 weeks before your booked date


    • No refund will be offered if you fail to take your holiday, for any reason, or you arrive late.


Notification of Cancellation must be confirmed in writing.


If we have not received the balance of the cost of your holiday by 60 days before the start date, we reserve the right to cancel your booking and retain your deposit.


We strongly advise you to take out your own holiday cancellation insurance coverage.




The arrangement, and booking, of your travel, to and from the meting point (train station or airport in some cases) is the responsibility of the guest. We will be very happy to assist where possible.




Trôo is a hill town with unpaved winding foot paths and stairways, and some steep slopes.  You must be in moderately fit condition and be comfortable walking on moderately steep slopes, cobblestones, and uneven paths through the village and nearby fields.  This is not a holiday recommended for anyone with mobility issues.  The same is true for Tuscany and Cadiz due to the hills and cobblestones of the historic towns we will be exploring.



Participants are responsible for ensuring that they have adequate insurance.  We advise you to consider insurance for “Travel”, “Medical”, “Accident”, “Property”, “Cancellation” and any other desired insurance.  The participant, by booking their holiday, confirms that they have arranged, or will be arranging, what they consider adequate insurance, and fully understand the “Liability” clause below.


Release of Liability


Plein Air Holidays expressly limits its activity to the delivery of an art and/or cultural holiday with food, lodging, and ground transportation between various sites of interest.  The owner of Plein Air Holidays, or any person related directly, or indirectly, with the booked holiday, will not be liable for any direct or indirect consequential loss, damages or injury suffered by any guest, at any time during the booked holiday, whether at the workshop venue or in the surrounding area.  All participants must sign our Liability Release Agreement, stating that they are staying in Trôo, Tuscany, or Cadiz and enjoying their booked week in France, Italy or Spain, at their own risk, and that they are completely responsible for all actions, and agree to hold Plein Air Holidays harmless  for any accident or injury.   By signing the Liability Release Agreement all participants are confirming they have read and fully understand the Liability and Insurance clauses.  Lastly, Plein Air Holidays is not responsible for Acts of God or acts of war/terrorism, health epidemics, or pandemics, and the customer agrees to hold Plein Air Holidays harmless for any accident or injury resulting from the same, or as a result of any force majeure. 




The information on our website, e-mails from us and our printed material, is believed by us to be correct at the time of writing, printing, or publication. However, errors can occur, and information may change and take effect without any given notice.

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